Thursday, October 07, 2004

Bizblog's FAQ

Some questions for you ...

  • I assume I would need to send out periodic emails alerting people to the fact the blog has been updated (vs. just hoping people go to the blog on their own). What do you think is the likelihood of people to link to a blog vs. simply opening an email attachment as they've been doing?

  • First of all, it appears people are moving away from email these days due to overloaded conditions; therefore, blogs are becoming more popular because it gives them the choice whether to join, continue, or dis-continue their subscription to the content. This is what is a called a "pull system". Email is a "push system". Spam & the rest are pushed onto the receiver; thus, they don't have a choice but only to create filters for known violators.

    Recently, RSS has come into being (Real Simple Syndication). Basically, your own virtual newspaper that contains content you subscribed to. Since you newspaper is virtual, its content can actually change in a second. Look here to see more of the wave of the future for news. And here. Here too!

    I would suggest that you keep sending emails, but only give them limited portion of the story to wet their appetite with a link to your blog at the end or around the entire piece. Give them a choice, plus they will see your blog as an structured environment they can visit at home or at work, anytime.

  • How do big corporate spam filters react to links to blogs?

  • Spam filters only service email servers. Website filters are controlled by the webserver.

  • Do many people understand the concept of blogs these days?

  • Well, it depends on who you talk to. Being on leading edge sometimes does give you an advantage :p) Look here.

  • Do you think people understand that they have the opportunity to post their comments?

  • Maybe not; therefore, eliminate the issue by having informative emails.

  • When comments are posted, am I alerted to this electronically or do I need to just keep checking the blog?

  • Again, you have a choice. In your case when I setup your blog, I did ask the blog server to notify you of any postings. You should have received your first notification when I posted the first post on your blog regarding Mr. Buffett.

  • What do I need to do to post my next entry?

  • Log in and follow the Yellow Brick road.

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

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