Sunday, January 23, 2005

Start Your Own Community Business With Virtually Nothing


I am starting up a new franchise business called BizBlogs. BizBlogs will empower small business from main street USA to main street Canada and beyond to communicate with their customers through a personalized gateway, a Web Log or [we]Blog for short, at their own leisure.

Blogs are talking over the globe. The definition of a blog is basically self publishing on the net, anything... text, pictures, sound, and yes -- video. The people that do this are called, "Bloggers". Truly amazing stuff! It's is so exciting that not to long ago Google bought, and they are very excited with the venture thus far by promoting it and expanding the product line.

This is where BizBlogs comes in...

In the old days you have to make a substantial investment in order to launch your own business web site and incur the ongoing costs associated with content updates, licensing, & web space. Not with BLOGS! Blog technology has removed this barrier and replaced the webmaster role with a simple to use online publishing interface.

It's so easy that if you know how to find an item on eBay, Checkout your Basket, enter your method of payment... you can setup up BizBlogs for your clients and then hand them the keys!

Blogs come in all sorts of colors and sizes. From FREE to under $20 per month to buy-your-own. FREE is nice for BizBlogs. FREE also allows BizBlog franchisees to solicit clients with no out of pocket expense. The only cost incurred per new account is your time.

Here are some examples I have stumbled upon so far, Portfolio of Our Clients.

Open up your local newspaper, that junk mail that comes everyday in your mailbox. Those are your potential customers -- hand delivered to you everyday.

If they advertise already -- they need a BizBlog. If they can't afford to advertise --- they need a BizBlog. Win-Win... all the way around.

Here's how it works...

-For each BizBlog account there is a $35 setup fee
-Mr. Customer -- here's the keys to your new website -- ENJOY!
-Need anything extra? Buy a $35 BizChip (1 Hour Pre-Payment) today and I will be available to service your needs on a minute by minute basis with no minimum time limit -- that's 58 cents per minute, not bad.
-Mr. Customer -- you don't have the time and resources to update your blog? Buy one or more BizChips today, send me your updates, and I will be glad to post & format them for you.

Is this simple or what?

There are (3) elements of a successful BizBlog franchise:

A- An abundant resource of local customers
B- Sales & Marketing
C- Technical Know How

Some of us can do both B & C, and others can do either A or B. It doesn't matter -- the franchisee chooses the role that is best for him or her: Salesperson or Techno Geek? After considering the possible split functions of a franchisee, I would suggest that a salesperson (non-franchisee) receive attractive referral fees per new account and that's the end of the rep/account relationship. The residual account income thereafter becomes the revenue for the franchisee.

Ask me how BizBlogs will be able to be a $2.5 billion Advertising Conglomerate in just under 3 years, and reverse traditional franchise fees in the opposite direction...for as long as you own your franchise-- now that's a first!

Any Questions? If you are interesting in learning more about BizBlogs, please feel free to email me directly.


Saturday, January 01, 2005

Hugh Hewitt's New Book: BLOG

Blog : Understanding the Information Reformation That's Changing Your World

It's Nov. 3, one day post-election, and talk-radio host Hugh Hewitt is ebullient with the GOP's victory. Broadcasting from a Southern California studio tucked into a mall behind an Asian noodle joint, the center-right conservative skips easily from topic to topic: the Bush victory, the Democrats' spectacular implosion, Osama bin Laden, the judicial nomination process. Simultaneously, Mr. Hewitt interviews guests, Googles, scans articles online, trades cues with his producer, chats with studio visitors, keeps one eye on CNN, and sips Diet Coke.

Through it all, he also blogs.

With 43,500 visitors per day, his blog,, has become for many a must-read stop in the new-media universe. An attorney, law professor, and evangelical Christian, Mr. Hewitt once worked as Richard Nixon's ghostwriter and served several posts in the Reagan administration. Now, he embodies the synergy between the key media developments of the '90s and the '00s: talk radio and blogging.

The radio show drives listeners to the blog. The blog raises subjects and provides information that lifts the level of talk-show discourse far above the mere trading of uninformed opinions.

Blogs are revolutionizing journalism, politics, and American culture, but many people still don't know what they are. The word blog is a contraction for "web log," which was originally just a listing, or "log," of websites that an internet surfer has visited. Some of the earliest websites back in the early '90s were merely lists and links to other sites that visitors or someone interested in a particular topic might find interesting. Soon, though, bloggers began accompanying the lists with their comments and then the comments began to take center stage

The blogosphere now offers soapbox space to everyone who cares about public opinion. Start-up is cheap and blogging technology is easy to master: "It is a marketplace of pure ideas," Mr. Hewitt says, "and not just a medium for the elite. It's no longer necessary to persuade anyone to be allowed to persuade anyone."