Monday, November 21, 2005

BizBlogs For eBay & Retail Slideshows

Now BizBlogs and Photobucket can provide our retail customers the ability to post daily blog updates regarding certain items of interest to their customers along with a slideshow link to display those items.

Consider this a simplistic, less crowded form of online eBay merchandising for your customers.

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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Sales Is Gonna Be HOT!!!! -- Cash Bonanza!!!



"Catch Up... or Catch You Later"
Blogs & RSS Will Change Your Business Forever !

The BUZZ about Blogs & RSS Feeds are REAL! Hundreds of thousands of business owners are jumping onto the traffic band wagon each day as news of these industry secrets were revealed last year. Business owners have now come to the realization of how powerful these syndication breakthroughs have become for their online businesses. Usage of these strategies are exponentially EXPLODING each day.

If you haven't taken any action to learn about these powerful marketing strategies, then you're digging your business its own grave. You have to incorporate Blogs & RSS Feeds into your business now! Want proof? Just Take a Look at Business Week's May cover issue. Pay attention to what it says...

Front Cover of: Business Week May Issue 2005

Here's your chance to take action now and catch the fasting growing tidal wave of FREE Targeted Traffic for your business.

-Imagine getting into Yahoo's Directory for FREE. This technique alone will save you $299 on Yahoo's inclusion fee.

-How about being able to Blog and Ping the search engines anytime you want and get their spiders crawling your site right away. Now, That's Powerful!

-Realize now, you can broadcast your new products or services to your customers anytime, without being penalized by email blockers and spam filters. Reach Your Subscribers 100%

-Learn how to Harness the Power of Blogs & RSS Feeds, the most powerful viral marketing syndication technology breakthrough since email, to dominate any of your niche markets. Yeah, it's that Phenomenal !

-Hold your breathe for what I'm about to share with you. Imagine...Boosting your website ranking in just 48 hours and get listed on Yahoo, MSN, or Google's organic search pages. Not weeks or months, but in as little as 48 hours! It's Insanely Incredible !

Folks, this innovation is a welcomed breakthrough for Small Businesses, everywhere. This innovation will incorporate the latest in media technology in the hands of the small business owner at a cost effective price... Salespeople - Read more

The possibilities are endless: How many Zip Codes are in the US? 1,000s? How many Small Businesses are there per Zip Code? 1,000s?

Blogs are talking over the globe. The definition of a blog is basically self publishing on the net, anything... text, pictures, sound, and yes -- video. The people that do this are called, "Bloggers". Truly amazing stuff! It's is so exciting that not to long ago Google bought, and they are very excited with the venture thus far by promoting it and expanding the product line.

This is where BizBlogs comes in...

In the old days you have to make a substantial investment in order to launch your own business web site and incur the ongoing costs associated with content updates, licensing, & web space. Not with BLOGS! Blog technology has removed this barrier and replaced the webmaster role with a simple to use online publishing interface.

It's so easy that if you know how to find an item on eBay, Checkout your Basket, enter your method of payment... you can setup up BizBlogs for your clients and then hand them the keys!

Blogs come in all sorts of colors and sizes. From FREE to under $20 per month to buy-your-own. FREE is nice for BizBlogs. FREE also allows BizBlog franchisees to solicit clients with no out of pocket expense. The only cost incurred per new account is your time.

Here are some examples I have stumbled upon so far, Portfolio of Our Clients.

If you advertise already -- you need a BizBlog. If you can't afford to advertise --- you need a BizBlog. A Win-Win... all the way around.

Here's how it works...

-For each BizBlog account there is a $35 setup fee
-Mr. Customer -- here's the keys to your new website -- ENJOY!
-Need anything extra? Buy a $35 BizChip (1 Hour Pre-Payment) today and I will be available to service your needs on a minute by minute basis with no minimum time limit -- that's 58 cents per minute, not bad.
-Mr. Customer -- you don't have the time and resources to update your blog? Buy one or more BizChips today, send me your updates, and I will be glad to post & format them for you.

Is this simple or what?

Any Questions? If you are interesting in learning more about BizBlogs, please feel free to email me directly.


Mike Masters