Thursday, September 21, 2006

Discover A New Way to Market Your Restaurant, Retail Shop, or Venue

BizBlogs Wheel of Deals

Lets Face it... sometimes we don't know where to go for Dinner, Shop, or Hangout-- a Coin only has (2) sides... not Enough Options there.

But What If we had a Spinning Wheel of Fortune to Help us Decide where We will Spend the Afternoon and/or Evening?

That's Right-- Spin the Wheel of Fortune to Find Great Deals that are Fresh Minute by Minute, Day by Day... But remember this:

The More Times You Spin, The Smaller the Deals Become! Don't Over Spin ;-)

Business Owners, Imagine having to the Power to Offer Coupons and/or Discounts from your Finger Tips-- at any moment during the Day? Place Offers-- Pull Offers... How much is that Power Worth to You?

Once a Potential Customer has Landed on your Offer, why not offer the Customer more options than just "Exit"?

For example: Lets say you offer the Customer a Half-Off deal. Common options for the Customer would be: (1) print coupon & Exit or (2) Pass & Exit.

The BizBlogs WOD would attempt to Retain the Customer's Attention,

  1. Print coupon

  2. Let's Make a Deal

  3. Exit

Now, how many people would You venture to guess would choose #2 if they didn't go for #1?

Wikipedia - Let's Make a Deal

Let's Make a Deal is not a Sweetener... it's another Layer to the Game-- and you could Lose! I don't know how many of you remember the Monty Hall show on TV by the same name-- it was one of the most Entertain Game shows of its Time! The Model of the Show was Risk & Reward... Door #1, #2, & #3-- and Sometimes, whatever is on Jay's Table ;-)

So, in our Example they choose "Let's Make a Deal" and (3) doors shows up, and they have to Pick a Door. Behind one of the doors would be your Sweetener Offer and behind the Others would be Worthless Rewards like a Mule & Cart.

The Customer chooses door #2 and behold there is a Mule pulling a Cart... Disappointment, Game Over! But No... the Merchant offers another Chance--- Jay's Table! And the Merchant offers a Guaranteed Treat There-- either as another Coupon in Exchange for what's hidden on Jay's Table or the Hidden Treat on Jay's Table... Exciting for the Customers!

But what if the customer picks the right door with the Reward? The Merchant can offer Jay's Table too! -- Keep the Excitement Going & Going!

Bottom Line for Business Owners: Make it Fun for the Customers-- Help them make Decisions! Marketing 101, Folks...

Also Remember: Your Business is Tied to a Zip Code-- this Greatly Narrows Down your Competition when Customers search by Zip Code or a Mile Radius around their Zip Code.

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