Monday, December 31, 2007

What is a BizBlog? So What?

BizBlogs is Your Business' Global Presence on the Internet... and You Own It, Control It-- No Strings Attached!

Before Weblogs were Invented, in order to attain presence on the Web you had to Hire an Army of IT Geeks to Make it, Manage it, & Update it... with Power providers like Google's Blogger-- You don't need Expensive IT Geeks for Routine Stuff. Plus, Google gives you FREE webspace to Park your BizBlog... for $2 or more you can obtain a ".com" or ".net" web address from Yahoo & Others.

Bells & Whistles that you Add to your Bizblogs structure are 99% FREE like: Site counters & analysis, link counters & analysis, Global Presence Graphic Displays, etc.

Wanna Go eCommerce? No Problem-- Paypal offers FREE Buttons & Shopping Cart Scripts to Help You Grow Your Business!

Most of All... the More you Work your BizBlogs with Update-to-Date Content--- the higher you are in Rankings on the Top Search Engines-- like Page #1 & # 2. Professions charge $299 & Up for that Continual Page Ranking and You can Do It Yourself!

It's Your Business... It's Your Money... Are You Driving the Marketing Bus for your Business or Not?

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